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Optic video transceiver
    Optic video transceiver with 4-channel v
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    optic video transceiver with 4-channel video transmission



    Brief Introduction


    4-channel mini digital optic video transceiver&receiver applies advanced digital video and optic fiber transmission technology to achieve real-time and synchronous transmission of high quality and non-compression signals on single-core optic fiber. It is a perfect solution for signal transmission over remote distance. With mini structure, it helps customers save cost on fiber optic transmission by using mini module. Plug-and-play design, no spot adjustment, imported components, and international standards of optical and electrical interface offer great convenience and stability to customers.





    1. With audio, data and contact closure channel can be added, mini structure video transceiver has good performance and saves cost
    2. 10-bit digital encoded technology and lossless broadcast quality transmission
    3. Automatic compatible with PAL/NTSC/SECAM video formats
    4. Protocols of RS-232, RS422, RS-485 are applied.
    5. Non-compression and non-distortion signal and real-time transmission to achieve high quality signal transmission solution
    6. Modularization structure, industrial-grade design, SMT craft and good power supply ensure stable performance for 105 hours with fault-free
    7. No adjustment and easy management due to plug-and-play design, as well as feature of hot-swap
    8. LED status indicators offer right diagnostics of the system operating condition.
    9. All interface with excellent thunder and lightning protection
    10. Stand-alone type and card-type installed in 19’’ 2U or 4U rack-mount chassis for centralized management.






    Non-compression and no-distortion 

    Video standards: PAL/NTSC/SECAM

    Frequency Response: 8MHz

    Video connection: BNC

    Signal to Noise Ratio: > 65dB



    Optic wavelength: 1310/1550nm

    Optic interface: FC/SC/ST

    Supported:  single mode: 9/125, multi mode: 50,62.5/125

    Path Loss: 20dBm



    Audio width: 20Hz~20KHz

    Signal to Noise Ratio: > 85dB



    Data interface: RS-232, RS422 (full duplex), RS485 (half duplex) Manchester, Biphase

    Data rate per channel: Up to 512kb/s 

    BER: <10-9



    power supply: DC5V/1A( optional)

    operating temperature: -35℃~70℃

    operating humidity:0~95%


    Order Information



    Optical interface

    Transmission distance(km)

    Fiber Type


    4-channel video

                  FC               ( SC/ST optional)

    20 to 80

    Single or multi mode


    4-channel video and 1-channel data


    4-channel video and 1-channel audio


    4-channel video and 1-channel contact closure

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